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How to express the voice of your heart

Maybe you are at a point in your life where you want to change; where you are ready to open up and truly feel alive again. To make these steps of transformation, first it can be important to reconnect with our inner and outer voice.

Our voice is a direct reflection of how we feel inside our body. This personal expression gives us also a key to understand our central questions of life: Vocation, Talents, Relations and Boundaries. During the coaching process, we will explore these questions and find answers to them by giving them a voice.




The leap into the unknown opens your potential


Find your personal expression

Aspects that you might want to explore:

  • Finding your vocation and the steps to realization
  • Your life ́s “spring cleaning”: Out with the old and in with time and space for true connection
  • After a burn-out / time-out: Rediscover yourself, step by step!
  • Set boundaries: Feel in tune with yourself again and make your own decisions
  • Perceiving your own needs and communicating them openly and freely
  • More freedom for your speaking and/or singing voice (The liberation of the voice arises in essence through an inner opening) 

Show what's alive in you

How i work

As a coach, I accompany you on this path and encourage you step by step.

Thanks to my experience and subtle perception of people and their concerns, I will reconnect you with an attitude towards life that reminds you to feel whole – Alive and in Tune. 

In my work I combine the use of voice with the developmental goals that you are currently facing. Both are mutually dependent. So we can work with your themes to open your voice or use voice and language to go deeper into detachment within a process.

Classic methods from life coaching can be used as well as my experience with ancestral field work or my background in shamanic healing. Whatever your concern is, we will find out which way, which approach suits best for you.

Depending on your aims, my focus is not only on making decisions or changes happen, but also to create a strong foundation for sustainable development. This will enable you to shape your life in a new, different and more fulfilling way.

Find out more about my background here.

I will reconnect you with your lively heart and the expression of your soul!

Curious? I look forward to meeting you! Let ́s embark on this journey of development together!​