Time to release what's holding you back

Maybe you are at a point in your life where you want to change; where you are ready to open up and truly feel alive again. To make these steps of transformation, often it needs a first step to find central Blockages in your Body/Mind System that are holding back the energy.

During this healing session i will read you energetic field to recognize these Blockages and guide you through the process of release:

  • Energetic focused guidance into the center of the Blockage
  • Shamanic healing impact to release the energy that is stuck in your Body/Mind System
  • Support for your inner process
  • Spoken sentences of liberation to get your Energy back into the flow

The leap into the unknown opens your potential

Experience your personal growth


  • The realization of new possibilities in your life
  • Physical changes: The release can set up a new order in your Body/Mind System
  • New ways to connect and react in your relationships
  • The courage to stand up for your own path
  • To finally adress long-postponed decisions
  • A new way to experience your life, with a natural feeling of flow

Reconnect with what's alive in you

How i work

In my healing sessions I combine my skill of reading energetic fields with the use of shamanic forces, to guide and help you through the process. My Master-Studies in Coaching & Mediation are the base of my work, to create a safe space for you.

Thanks to my experience and subtle perception of people and their concerns, I am able to reconnect you with the natural flow of your life.

On this path i will encourage you step by step and in some phases I will also challenge you, so that you can move beyond your learned patterns and new structures get space.

In any case, my intention ist to guide you through this journey safe, with the best possible outcome for your next step in life.

You are welcome, just as you are!

My intention is to reconnect you with your natural flow of life!

I look forward to meeting you