Background, Where I'm at

I help to unfold spaces in order to remind people of their origin and their natural being, supporting them in the process of letting go of old structures so that a new purpose can be found.

In every new beginning, in the very core of any transformation change lies a power that makes the impossible possible; almost forgotten joy happiness and love can be felt again.


Remember your natural way of being


  • Shamanic World View & Initiation, Jack Silver/Black Forest & Elders circle of the shamanic ancestral background
  • Eastern philosophy, Advaita & Non-Duality, Mystery School by OM C. Parking/Hamburg and further teachers and approaches inspired by this background
  • Systemic Ancestor Constellation Work, Education & experiences Germany wide
  • Master's degree in "Counseling, Mediation and Coaching", Münster University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • Bachelor's degree in "Communication Sciences", Cologne University of Applied Sciences (M) Cologne, Germany
  • Speaker & Moderator, Hosting worldwide events & symposia as a professional speaker
  • Voice Exploration (singing) and Body Work (exploration/dance/movement), European wide educations & own teachings

By sharing who we are, we can inspire others to step into their own light

Personal Motivation

In my personal life, I have always been guided by a strong sometimes unconventional exploratory spirit. The desire to support people who wish to reconnect with their natural self-expression has always been at the forefront of what I want to do in my life.

Already at a young age, I was inspired by Eastern philosophy,

meditation and silence in connection with Western psychology. Moreover, through music, voice and body work, I gained profound experiences that supports and inspires my work to train our perception and to come into resonance with ourselves and the world. 

In addition, my academic studies have influenced my background and work. Based on this, I am offering a framework for enabling life development and personal freedom.

I want you to be wild and free, with abundant Love, to give your life the purpose you need to feel alive.

I'm looking forward hearing from you.