Ancestral Healing &

Blockage release

Individual & Couple Coaching



Many people come to me because they have come into contact with a strong boundary, something where they have the feeling they can't make any progress themselves or need a very special kind of help. Or others find themself opening up to topics related to their ancestors and blockages from the past that are calling for a release and a new order.

I have a special gift through which I can see the themes and structures of people in their present life and their past, the family and ancestral connections and also the associated blockage(s).

If you feel the call to work with me, I can accompany you through the field of blind spots, potentials, your ancestral connections and help you to open the blockage(s) that have their roots within these old structures.

We will release toxic bondings and strengthen or re-establish a nourishing respond to yourself, your life, your partner and our outside connections.

In your heart you will feel when the right time has come.

I look forward to hearing from you.


And let go of what is holding you back