Liberate Yourself from Old Structures


Experiences, traumas, strengths and blockages. Through our ancestors essential things are passed on to us. Especially with the entanglements that hinder us or suppress our energy, it can be important to release decisive experiences in the ancestral field. Thus we get back our energy potential and can close with the past.

With the detachment from negative structures of our parents, grandparents and ancestors we also allow ourselves to accept the positive. Our inner system is no longer set on defense and protection and as the energy ist able to flow again we can unfold our true potentials.


When the banned and unspeakable are given space, freedom is unfolding

Making your family (ties) visible

With the ancestor board we make important situations of your ancestor/family connections visible. I accompany you with clear framing and inspirations into the field of your ancestors.

In this process I will share with you themes and details that were not visible or conscious before. Secrets, missing persons, entanglements. Through these key moments your field can open and healing happens.


In deep detachment your strength can spread out in freedom

Healing & Integration

In the final part of the ancestor work it comes down to what became visible before. Important sentences are spoken here and energetic connections are released that no longer serve us. This process goes deep and cleanses us from old structures.

Mindful and with awareness I support and accompany you through this last phase. We take the time it takes to complete important steps. This liberation will have a deep effect on your inner system and new connections will be strengthened. It is good after such an inner process work to have time for yourself to integrate the new.

Who can you be when you are released from old structures and the power of your ancestors flows freely within you?

I’m looking forward hearing from you.